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This is a student social media site. Opinions expressed on this site and by speakers at the 2019 GIS are not necessarily the opinions of

Fort Bend ISD and shall not be attributed to Fort Bend ISD. 

Our Team 

The strength of the team is each individual member.

The strength of each individual member is the team. 

Welcome to our seventh annual Global Issues Summit! Our team has been hard at work putting together GIS19 in an effort to bring you the most innovative and engaging summit. We hope that through this event you are able to further understand the numerous issues facing our world, and more importantly, how you can take action to address them. We cannot state enough how proud we are of our phenomenal team as they have taken on the tremendous responsibility of putting together a Summit of the highest quality, and they have done a fantastic job. This Summit is the product of their effort, and we cannot thank them enough for all their hard work and dedication. We hope that you truly enjoy your day here and turn awareness into action.


Rachel Ortiz, Ruchika Patel

Global Issues Summit Coordinators


Bibek Samal

IT Committee- 

Grace Ojofeitimi*, Savan Shah, Alisha Karriem, Mercie Nwokocha

Decorations Committee-

Gaby Fuentes *, Celeste Beistegui *, Yingying Cao, Fei Fei Cao, Summer Johnson, Garen Dafe , Katelyn Johnson, Fiona Chien, Minal Khatri

Production Committtee- 

Sara, Faulkner*, Maysum Syed, Mehaa Amirthalingam, Sanjna Ganjam 

Sponsorship Committee- 

Naomi George*, Rohan Shah, Jeffery Lew, Feldrick Freeman

Speaker Committee-

Michael Fernandez*, Jackson Bonnin, Kyle Holliday, Ashley Poole, Caira Thomas

Hospitality Committee- 

Philia Hsia*, Franceska Serra, Alexia Hampton, Ezichi Onuoha ,Angela King, Ria Pawa

Public Relations Committee- 

James Belanger*, Kristen Johnson, Alvin Hsia, Alvin Chan, Sanjay Ravindran

Miscellaneous Committee- 

Stellina Nguyen*, Brianna Devine, Zeel Engineer

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