The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each individual member is the team. 

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Welcome to the tenth annual Global Issues Summit!

This year, we find the need to discuss two key components towards solving conflict from a
local to a global scale: Courage and Compromise, which together comprise our theme. We
are thrilled that you have decided to dedicate your time and energy today to celebrate this
message. Following its history, GIS exists to empower our district, community, and world
through an impactful day of innovative speakers, diverse performances, and informative
As coordinators, we would like to express our gratitude and pride in our wonderful
committee chairs and members who have shown persistence and passion through this
process. Our organization is not possible without the people that have taken action on
their passion for our world and its most pressing issues. We are excited to celebrate their
efforts and turn awareness into action with you as we return in person for GIS 2022!

GIS Coordinators

Ashley Poole

Sanjay Ravindran

 Rohan Dharia


ashley poole picture.jpeg

Ashley Poole

GIS Coordinator 

Hello Global Issues Summit! My name is Ashley Poole and it is my greatest pleasure to serve a second year as a GIS Coordinator. The pride of GIS is our team, and I am honored to lead and learn with them in this unique moment in history. This conference fuels my passion for scholarship and service as we educate on pressing global issues and prioritize objective truth. We hope that this year you are engaged, challenged, and pushed to action as we gather in community this April. 


Savan Shah

IT Chair

 My name is Savan Shah and I am currently a senior. This is my third year as a member of the Information Technology committee, and I am so excited for this year’s virtual conference! In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends, listening to music, and watching TV.


Mehaa Amirthalingam

Sponsorship Chair 

Hello! My name is Mehaa Amirthalingam and I am this year’s Sponsorship Chair. This is my second year as chair, and I cannot wait for this years new GIS experience. I enjoy talking about anything that peaks curiosity, traveling and learning about other people and cultures.


Sanjay Ravindran

GIS Coordinator 

I am honored to serve as your GIS Co-Coordinator for this year. Previously,I was the Public Relations Chair for GIS and this is my first year assuming the roleof co-coordinator. Throughout my time as a member of the Global Issues Summit,I have learned to become a student leader, expand my perspective of our world, andeducate others about pressing global issues. Outside of GIS, I enjoy studyinghistory and sciences and I am an active member in several clubs including UILAcademics, HOSA, and Model UN. I have trained in the martial arts style ofKuk-Sool and have a first-degree black belt.


Michael Fernandez

Speaker Chair 

Hi! I’m Michael Fernandez, and I’m this year’s Speaker Chair! I’ve been in Speaker Committee for the past four years and have gained a variety of perspectives on global issues from my committee members and the work we do. Besides learning more about our world, I enjoy singing in different languages and becoming a better composter.

GIS burd(1).png

Andrea Oropeza

Performance Chair 

 My name is Andrea Oropeza and I'm this year's GIS Performance Chair! Im a big fan of the fine arts, and I enjoy drawing and painting in my free time. This will be my second year in GIS and my first as a chair! 

10 mins