Judge kp George

Judge KP George grew up in a small village in the southern Indian state of Kerala. He immigrated to the United States in 1993 and has called Fort Bend County home for more than twenty years. Judge George is a board-certified financial planner, and he co-owned and operated a successful financial planning practice in Sugar Land. In 2014, Judge George was elected to the Fort Bend ISD School Board, where he served two terms before becoming County Judge. While a trustee, he earned the distinguished title of Master Trustee from the Texas Association of School Boards.

Judge George and his wife Sheeba are very thankful for the opportunities God has given them to live the American Dream. Sheeba is a Fort Bend ISD teacher and they have three children, Rohit, Helen and Sneha. The George family attends Sugar Creek Baptist Church and they reside in Richmond with their youngest daughter and their two dogs, Rico and Beau.

Judge George enjoys giving back by organizing food drives, volunteering, and more. He has supported a number of community organizations, including the Hightower High School Booster Club and the Sugar Land Rotary Club, among others. 

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