Bailey and spencer amaral

Bailey and Spencer Amaral are proud to serve as co-directors of the Windrose Project, a non-profit civics education organization. Windrose equips young Americans to become active leaders in their community through community service, classes and practical experience. Windrose trains young people to apply America's founding principles to the questions of our day. Dedicated to the principle that all people are created equal, Windrose is a nationwide student movement dedicated to defending liberty and developing leaders.


Spencer is from the Central Valley in California, but now calls Dallas, Texas home. In 2014, he received his BA in Political Economy from Hillsdale College in Michigan. He is currently pursuing a Masters' of Theology at Dallas Seminary. Bailey was born in San Antonio, raised in an Air Force family, and graduated from the Global Studies Academy at Clements High School in 2012. She graduated with her BA in Political Economy and Spanish from Hillsdale College in 2015. Bailey and Spencer have been married for 3 years and love music, movie nights, and traveling

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