Natasha Paradeshi

Natasha Paradeshi serves as the Board Chair and is the Co-founder of The

Landing, Houston’s first drop-in center for survivors of human trafficking and

commercial sexual exploitation. She believes that this model helps increase trust

with survivors, giving them greater access and hope for freedom. While serving as

the Executive Director for four years, she was responsible for strategic direction,

development implementation, program oversight, and community engagement. Over

the past 8 years, she has been passionate about creatively filling needs and forming

strategic partnerships so that more survivors can get access to the services they

need. Currently, Natasha enjoys being a full-time mom to her toddler. She also

works part-time at Solace Media, the business she and her husband founded.

Natasha graduated from the University of Southern California with a Masters of

Public Policy degree and from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Business

Administration and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts.

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