Breanna Fetkavich

    Breanna Fetkavich serves as the Director of Outreach for Street Grace in Houston. Breanna graduated magna cum laude in Corporate Communication from Olivet Nazarene University. Breanna has always been passionate about human rights especially pertaining to women and children. She served impoverished women and families at a crisis pregnancy center in her hometown in southern Colorado. She is certified by the Colorado Center for Relationship Education and passionately trained thousands of students in southern Colorado public schools about healthy relationships and how to keep themselves safe from abuse.

     During her time at the pregnancy center, she developed a fervent passion to use her skills in teaching and communication to fight specifically against the injustice of sex trafficking. Breanna also served as a missionary in Mozambique, Africa with Project Purpose International. She ran a center where women engaged in the sex trade could find resources, employment, a safe harbor for their children, and most importantly of all, hope. Breanna mobilized the community in Mozambique to work. She directed the largest and most successful fundraising and awareness event in the history of the ministry. Through her work in Mozambique, she mobilized the entire community to get involved and use their resources to fight this injustice. The efforts of her work are still continuing to grow to this day. Upon returning to the United States, Breanna served for two years as a Residential Care Coach in a safe home for sex trafficking survivors. The safe home is part of Redeemed Ministries, a faith-centered organization that provides the highest quality of rehabilitative care and services for those who have been victimized by the commercial sex industry. Because of the time Breanna spent living with survivors and helping them in their incredibly difficult journey back to healing, she is excited and passionate about the mission of Street Grace to stop sex trafficking before it ever starts. About Street Grace: Street Grace is a faith-based organization that utilizes evidence-based demand reduction strategies to eradicate the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) through prevention/protection, policy and pursuit.


CSEC is sexual activity with a child in exchange for something of value given to the child or a third person.

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