Capstone Speakers

This year's Summit will feature Global Studies Academy capstone speakers. As a part of their senior curriculum, Academy students take a class entitled “Academy Capstone”. The senior year Capstone course allows students to blend their personal interests and skills in order to study a topic of their own selection in depth both by research and by pursuing learning through nontraditional means. In the spring, these students perform advocacy on their topic with a target audience through Spring Action.

Aaron Wong, Increasing the Appreciation of Mathematics 

Gabrielle Bascos-Arce, Life after Adverse Childhood Experiences 

Celeste Beistegui, The Positive Effects of Sensationalist Architecture 

Isha Merchant, Blurring the Truth: A View into Sensationalist Journalism on Immigration

Sara Faulkner, To Mend a Broken Heart: Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine

This is a student social media site. Opinions expressed on this site and by speakers at the 2020 GIS are not necessarily the opinions of

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